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Maxpax Limited


Maxpax Ltd, 100% Colombian is available from 1st April 2014.


Famous Brands at your Service.

The Maxpax / Kenco Incup range is now a range of 21 varieties for use in both the Kenco '100' and '1280' Series equipment.

In addition the introduction of Kenco2Go in 12oz Incup sizes give even more flexibility. To ensure the drink service delivered is tailored to meet our customer's needs.

The Maxpax/Kenco 7oz Range comprises:

RANGE NOW AVAILABLE FROM MAXPAX LIMITED Maxpax Limited on Tel: 0845 643 9958 (April 2018).

The Real 76mm PAPER CUP Range


Maxwell House Instant Coffee White

Kenco Really Rich White Coffee

Kenco Really Rich Black Coffee

Kenco Really Smooth White Coffee

Kenco Really Smooth Black Coffee

Kenco Decaffeinated White Coffee

Kenco Decaffeinated Black Coffee

Maxwell House Professional Instant Cappuccino

P.G. Tips Leaf Tea Bag White

P.G. Tips Leaf Tea Bag Black 

Maxpax  100% Colombian Instant Coffee with Whitener.

Maxpax 100% Colombian Instant Coffee Black.

Knorr Vegetable Soup,

Maxpax Chicken Soup,

Knorr Tomato Soup,

Bovril 'Beefy' drink,

PG Tips Instant Tea with Whitener

PG Tips Instant Tea Black.

NEW Maxpax 'HOT CHOCOLATE' flavour Drink

Douwe Egberts 'Pure Gold' Black

Douwe Egberts 'Pure Gold' White



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